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Beautiful Waterford Estate Online Auction!

  • Coming Soon!

  • Time 8:00AM
  • Location Waterford Area
Coming Soon!

Fantastic Hiddenworth Fine Art Online Auction!

  • October 7th-October 14th

  • Time 8:00AM
  • Location Online
This online fine art auction will be hosted at  Click on the link below to access the auction.  Additional details to follow!   Take Me To The Art!

Lovely North East Online Auction!

  • September 23rd-September 30th

  • Time Starts at 8:00AM
  • Location Grape Country North East
Important Sale Dates  Preview and Inspection Evening-TBD Bidding-9/23-9/30(Bidding Ends From 6pm-8pm on 9/30) Pick-Up-Monday, 10/3 and Tuesday, 10/4 from 10am-6pm           Greetings!  We have a wonderful 7 day online auction starting on Friday, September 23rd at 8:00am in lovely North East, PA.   This particular online auction near the lake has a solid array of unique furnishings(antique and contemporary), decor pieces, useful tools(power, hand, yard), sporting and motorcycle packages, rugs, kitchenware, crocks, patio furnishings, grills, audio equipment, well regarded collectibles, and much more! As an added bonus for winning bidders, you'll be able to take in all the sights and smells of North East during harvest season!   You'll have the opportunity to bid for 7 days on some fun offerings at where you can get in on the bidding action.  If you hadn't already done so, you'll need to sign-up for a simple account on to actively bid. As a reminder, the auction lots will be closing…

Plumbing Liquidation Auction Part 2 !

  • September 30th-October 7th

  • Time Starting at 8:00AM
  • Location Corry/Union City Area
Hello everyone!   This is part 2 of an online auction which features a vast assortment of plumbing supplies, parts, fittings, tools and more! If you are a current plumber or are just getting started or dabble as a d-i-y er, then this is a fantastic opportunity to bid on large collections of plumbing parts. If you've ever shopped for parts and fittings in the plumbing aisles at retail stores, you know how fast the project cost can increase(especially with currently inflationary prices).The online auction is hosted at where you can get in on the bidding action. If you hadn't already done so, you'll need to sign-up for a simple account on to actively bid. Click on the link below(Plumbing Liquidation!) to access the auction and start bidding! Plumbing Liquidation! The online auction bidding is a "hard close" process , similar to Ebay, as opposed to a "soft close" process used by other online auction platforms, which extends…
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ming bowl ad

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This bowl looks like something you would put your fruit in. For $3.00 at a tag sale, the buyer sold it at Sotheby's in New York for $2.2 million.  

This bowl is a 1,000 year old "Ding" bowl from China's Northern Song Dynasty. Only one other bowl of the same form, size and almost identical decoration is known. 

Make sure you are NOT giving away your fortune!


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