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North East Three Day Estate Sale!

Saturday, September 30th 10am-3pm

Sunday, October 1st 10am-2pm

Monday, October 2nd 10am-1pm 

Greetings! We will be conducting a fun three day estate sale at former state representative, Harry Bowser’s home in lovely downtown North East, as Mr. Bowser has made the decision to downsize to smaller living quarters. 

Marine Corp veteran, barber, grape farmer, councilman, state representative are a few of the accomplishments of his life’s work.  You will find that many of the offerings in the sale are a reflection of his life.  

The gallery of pictures is a small sample of what you will discover during the sale, but by no means, is the complete roster of offerings.   You’ll have to swing out to the sale to discover the rest!

This is a three day sale with progressive discounting over the course of the sale.  Please note, the barn will open at 9am. You will have one full hour to explore the offerings in the barn(you will need it), before the house opens at 10am.   

I do believe you are in for a treat.  If you are traveling from outside of North East, this is the time of year you want to make the trip, with the scent of grapes filling the air.  As always, morning coffee, light nibbles and refreshments will be provided.  See you then!!!!

Sale Details

  • Date September 30th-October 2nd
  • Time 10am-3pm
  • Location 32 Bank Street North East


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