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Hiddenworth Fairview Online Auction!

The online auction is hosted at  Click on the link below(Take Me Shopping In Fairview!) to access the official auction link where you'll be able to bid.  

Take Me Shopping In Fairview!


Pertinent Auction Dates

Online Auction Bidding

May 27th-May 31st

The last item up for auction ends at 8:00pm, however items will be ending before that. Please pay attention to the countdown clock under each item.

Preview/Inspection Day

Tuesday, May 28th 4pm-6pm.

Please call or preferably text Chris at 814-504-9532 to schedule a walk-thru to check out the auction offerings in person.

Pick-Up Day

The pick-up is scheduled for June 3rd from 10am-2pm and June 4th from 5pm-8pm. This allows you more flexibility with a two day pick-up.

Please bring adequate help to load larger items.

**All item descriptions and measurements will be added by Monday, May 27th.

Auction Background

Join us in the Lord Road area of Fairview for a fun pop-up online auction featuring an outstanding selection of furnishings, decor, and more. The owner has sold her tastefully decorated home, downsizing and is moving out of the area to be closer to family.

You'll have a great opportunity to participate, bid and hopefully win some of the offerings that will be on the auction block the week of May 27th-May 31st.


This is one sale you won't want to miss!

Auction Process

The online auction is hosted at where you can get in on the bidding action. If you hadn't already done so, you'll need to sign-up for a simple account on to actively bid.

The bidding is a "hard close" process , similar to Ebay, as opposed to a "soft close" process used by other online auction platforms, which extends the time if there is active bidding towards the end. There is no time extension using this particular platform. The bidding ends when the allotted time for each item expires, which is displayed under each item.

Also, entering a maximum "max" bid doesn't necessarily mean you will pay your maximum bid. The system will automatically keep bidding on your behalf against other bidders up to your placed "max" bid for convenience purposes.

Bidding Example

You are bidding on a lamp and place a max bid of $58.00 towards the end of the auction. The auction ends on the item and you win the item for $39.00. This means the next highest bidder had a high bid of $38.00, however you were willing to go up to $58.00. Your maximum bid doesn’t automatically jump to that amount when you place the bid. The bid only is increased if there are other bidders actively bidding on the item. Your maximum bids are hidden from other bidders, essentially creating a level playing field.

The winning bidders will be notified of the exact address by email, but the home is in the Lord Road area of Fairview for planning purposes.

An email will be sent at the conclusion of the sale by email. Please check your spam/junk folder as well for the communication.

Sit back, relax and bid from the comfort of your own home on a great selection of offerings from this lovely Fairview home!

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Sale Details

  • Date Coming Soon!
  • Time Online
  • Location Fairview


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