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Beautiful Lakeside Southern Colonial Online Auction!


Several furnishings and other items as it relates to the maintenance of the home will be removed from the current sale and sold at a later date as the items are being used to stage the home for eventual sale.

Preview/Inspection Day


Online Auction Bidding

Pick-Up Day


Sale Description

We are "fixin" up a good ol' online auction for you! Nestled in Harborcreek, along the shores of Lake Erie is a quintessential Southern colonial home built by a couple and enjoyed for many years by their family. The husband and wife duo worked hard to raise a family, build a successful machining company in North East, and enjoy a taste of Southern living. The Mrs. was originally from Birmingham, AL which she loved and the Mr. was a North East Grapepicker, graduating in the early 1940's and serving in WWII shortly thereafter. They merged the love for their hometowns, building a fantastic Southern colonial house along the shores of Lake Erie, where both of them could could feel a sense of home. The home is filled with offerings that capture the distinct old Southern charm right here in Erie, PA!

This online auction will feature a fantastic array of distinct Southern decor and furnishings, elegant accent items, tasteful lamps and lighting, fantastic vintage toys and trains, power and machinery equipment, vintage one of a kind collectibles, exceptional architectural pieces, sophisticated decor pieces, WWII memorabilia, antiquities and so much more! As they say in the South, you are going to want to "Take your own sweet time" looking at this auction.

We "reckon" this is one you'll remember for awhile up here in the North!!!


Click on the link(Lets Go South) to access the auction at and start bidding.


Lets Go South!

Auction Guidelines

he online auction is hosted at where you can get in on the bidding action. If you hadn't already done so, you'll need to sign-up for a simple account on to actively bid. We will continue to add additional items throughout the auction; please make sure you keep checking back often on this auction. Sit back, relax and bid from the comfort of your own home on a great selection of offerings from this home!

Please Note:

The online auction bidding is a "hard close" process , similar to Ebay, as opposed to a "soft close" process used by other online auction platforms, which extends the time if there is active bidding towards the end. There is no time extension using this particular platform. The bidding ends when the allotted time for each item expires, which is displayed under each item. Also, entering a maximum "max" bid doesn't necessarily mean you will pay your maximum bid. The system will automatically keep bidding on your behalf against other bidders up to your placed "max" bid for convenience purposes.

Disclaimer: The winning bidders will be notified of the exact address by email, but the home is in Harborcreek area planning purposes. An email will be sent at the conclusion of the sale by email. Please check your spam/junk folder as well for the communication.

Please be sure to read the entire item description. Some items may have additional information provided in the FAQ section.

As is the case with most estate sales, all sales are as-is and final.

PA TRA 000102



Sale Details

  • Date 10/1-10/9
  • Time 8:00AM Online
  • Location Harborcreek Lakeside Area


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